" I love the guitar and the software. I love practicing my scales. It's amazing, truly amazing how much easier it is to learn things on this guitar.”
- Dennis Y., Prescott AZ

I cannot overemphasise how well this guitar plays. I knew it would be cool having the learning tools and the fretboard lights guiding my way, but this guitar really is a player. Thanks for the innovative product.”
- Randy F., Murfreesboro TN

" I am having a lot of fun with this super instrument. No more bobbing my head up and down to look for the notes. The neck on this guitar is better than any of my other guitars. Amazing! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product for us guitarists!”
- Robert P., Frisco TX

" I'm completely blown away !!! You really have a revolutionary product that will make the learning of this wonderful instrument immeasurably easier. The neck is not only a technological marvel, but the beauty of the sizing is perfect. You have enabled the multitude of would-be hopefuls to fulfill their ambitions of playing music. A goal worthy of life's energy, industry and ambition."
- Dennis Y., Prescott AZ

" This is the most awaesome guitar ever. I started playing guitar many years ago and I play mostly by ear. I am self taught. Since I received this Fretlight, I now know many of the chord names and I can read some Tab. This guitar is just full of knowledge for anyone, plus its fun. I strongly recommend this guitar to everyone. It is the best tool they will ever have. Thank you so much for the Fretlight.”
- Tammy M., Forest Park GA

“ Something this good almost feels illegal. The neck smokes with tone and playability! I now have a new found love and inspiration. Different styles. Jazz, Bebop, neo Classical etc! The feeling of playing some of these other modes is very emotional. Need I say more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
- Damon F., Ramsey MN

" I absolutely love the guitar right out of the box. The quality is very good, even without considering the leds in the fretboard. I like the fact that you don't know the lights are there unless you turn it on. The bridge humbucker is awesome, I love the sound it makes. This is my new favourite guitar!"
- Tim W., Westford MA

" It makes learning a whole new experience, I can't put it down."
- Anders D., Sweden

" I just received my Fretlight and I know I've made the right choice!"
- Rasmus S., Denmark

"I like the neck, it feels great. A great instrument and learning tool."
- Chris P., Norway