The new Polymer Fretlight Fretboard
is different in many ways.The one piece polymer fretboard is mixed to a special translucent tinting, so that it hides the LED's when they're not switched on. This means the Fretlight looks just like any other electric guitar. Turn the LED's on and reveal the hidden instructional power

The Advanced Polymer Fretboard gives the guitar some other great benefits too, besides hiding the lights. Due to the inert nature of polymers, they are not prone to the many seasonal adjustments and problems associated with wooden necks

Being an inert material, the polymer Fretboard won't swell and contract with the weather like a wooden fretboard. This means you won't see fret migration problems or extraneous neck movement. There is still a truss rod in the neck, to allow for adjustment

You can change the fret size to suite your own requirements. The polymer holds frets, and allows repeated fret removal and installation, without any degradation. This can't be said of a wooden fretboard, which will only tolerate a limited number of fret replacements