Create, edit and play tablature for guitar, bass etc... and display them on the Fretlight. Songs, riffs and chords
light up for easier faster learning


An optimal display of your score, together with all the tools you need for editing, sound-setting, and playing your instrument.
Choose your display options from the screen or page mode. Horizontal or vertical scrolling, monotrack, multitrack full-screen mode and 25-800% zooming


Fretlight Prefences
This menu allows you to configure your Fretlight settings

How do you want to light-up the tablature?

There are 3 modes: Tab, Chord Diagram and Scales.

Tab modes lights up the tablature as it plays,

Chord diagram mode lights up the Chord diagrams (if the tab contains chord diagrams)

Scale mode lets you light up one of the included scales (over 400).
When lighting up a scale you can also choose how much of the fretboard you want to see lit


Realistic audio playback
The RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) technology includes the studio recordings of instruments, as well as some effect modelisations that are the result of years of research.
You'll get access to over a hundred soundbanks, and over fifty effects pedals and amps. We provide many presets for all styles, and you can also configure your own effect chains. You can apply a mastering to the final result, with a compressor-limiter, a reverb, and a 10-track equalizer. You can also listen to your scores in MIDI sound.


6 retractable panels appear to the left of the score window. These display controls for Editing, Instrument, Audio, Mastering, Chords and Lyrics. All of the tools you need to create and edit scores, right at hand. Quickly and easily capture the notes with the keyboard, shortcuts, the mouse and also with a MIDI instrument.

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