The Fretlight Guitar system is software driven. A Fretlight ready program, running on your computer, lights the correct LED's on the fretboard. Using a selection from the various Fretlight ready software available, scales, chords, progressions, inversions, riffs and even songs can be displayed on the fretboard. Setup is fast and easy. Load the software. Connect to the computer. Start the program and play.

Connecting to the computer is easy. The supplied cable plugs into a DIN connector on the guitar body. This is close to the 1/4" mono jack socket. The other end plugs directly into the computer via the USB port. It also has a combined 1/4" stereo jack socket for the dual footswitch. This allows you to control functions within the software, so your hands stay on the guitar.

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The Fretlight can be played without the computer, performing just like any other electric guitar when plugged into your amplifier