The Studio interface includes a suite of software programs capable of displaying information on the guitar fretboard


Whatever the teacher plays instantly lights up on your Fretlight guitar. Whether it’s a chord progression, a blazing lead, a pull off, a hammer on, a bend, etc., the Video Player software lights up your Fretlight in real-time along with the video. No more wondering what your teacher played or how he played it.


The most powerful interactive learning tool available for guitarists of all levels. Learn music theory, techniques and concepts at a level you choose (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) while displaying the lessons on your Fretlight Guitar - More info


The Fretlight M-Player is a full-featured song player, designed to work in conjunction with the Fretlight guitar. It has advanced looping and other functions designed specifically to help people learn to play songs quickly and easily. Display the chord progression, rythm or solo of a song . A growing library of songs is available for use with the M-Player


The Fretlight Improviser provides an environment for you to practise and improve your solo techniques. Choose a progression, pick a scale, select the key and jam with the backing track. Slow it down, speed it up or setup loops. Use the included jam tracks or even create your own. Totally customizable for your style of playing.

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