Fretlight Guitar Technology
The Fretlight Guitar is a real musical instrument, that utilizes a new technology allowing you, the player, to see what you need to play right under your fingers

Traditionally you look back and forth from a book, diagram or chart to the neck of your guitar. But you need the information under your fingers. The notes, letters or numbers for the fretboard you have in your hands, are usually on a piece of paper elsewhere

Now they are right on the fretboard, under your fingers, where it makes the most sense for them to be. Notes, scales, chords, progressions, lessons, songs and riffs are all displayed

Speed up the learning process

Learning guitar is about repetition. Beginners can use the Fretlight to learn scales and chords. Having the patterns lit up underneath your fingers helps a player memorize the patterns easily and quickly. Intermediates can extend their knowledge and range by displaying chord inversions, progressions and riffs directly on the fretboard. Professionals can light up an advanced scale or chord fingering. They don't need to know how to play, they just need to know where to play. Once the professional visualizes the patterns, they're off and running, letting creativity do the rest

The Professionals Agree
Even the best guitarists usually play in maybe one or two different scale types. In order for them to expand their playing and creativity they need to learn and use other scales. They don't have any more time on their hands than you, for reading books to memorize the notes. They use a Fretlight to quickly get exposed to the different patterns. Remember, they don’t need to know how to play, just where to play